Collective mobilization

We build collaborative events which engage a collective around a given topic, in order to appropriate a theme, contribute to it, mobilize and / or innovate.

The meeting-up last from 0.5 to 3 days and mobilize from 10 to 800 people.

We have defined a new strategy, how to make it appropriate for everyone and move on to the action ?
How to make our annual convention a real moment of collective commitment ?
How to work better together with our stakeholders ?
Our team is tired. How to enhance level of energy ?
I have just been appointed manager, how can I start up with my teams ?
How to gather the point of view of all stakeholders on my issue and adjust my thinking to it ?
How can I engage my teams around my new strategy?
Our working process
  • Two months to prepare in co-construction mode
    Make a diagnosis, include stakeholders, and design a process

  • 1 to 3 days to live a productive and collaborative experience 
    Foster participation and production, generate connection and develop vitality

  • One month to consolidate and move forward
    Read the report, share, decide and implement


A steering committee to frame and prepare

interviews, focus groups to diagnose

A red line to give strength and meaning to the meeting

Processes derived from collective intelligence tool box

World Cafe, Open Forum, Appreciative Inquiry, ...

A synthesis of the productions to share, to decide, to advance


A shared understanding of the subject
Answers adapted to the stakes
Concrete materials for decision


High level of energy
Enhanced link quality
Shared pleasure
A collective commitment


I feel supported, understood

I want to contribute

I'm proud to be part of this team

I have confidence in our project

Everything is uncertain but we will succeed

Together, we are smarter and stronger