A human being, a beautiful person

conscious, empathic, responsible, humble and powerful; by his actions he creates positive impacts for the world

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    The company is both the product and the producer of society.
    Today, companies have massive responsibility. They have a major role to play, which is to create economic, social and societal wealth at the same time.


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    Future of work is yet to be born

    We are living in an exciting time where the ways of working are being re-invented. We feel that the future of work will connect polarities previously separated: small and large structures, freedom and constraint, profit and ethics, local and global, digital and human.

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    Connection is the source of value-creation

    In a complex, networked, intertwined world, the true source of value creation lies in the quality and intensity of contacts between people.  Renewal appears with connection between diversity.

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    More than the people, it's the rules of the game that affect the system

    Each of us is both bright and dark. The organization, the rules of the game, the invisible architecture, reveal the worst or the best of each.

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    Each person is a unique sensor of the system

    People involved in a siutation are the only ones who can know what is the best for them. Each one is a unique sensor of the system. Only the pooling of multiple perceptions enables to get an adapted view.

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    Evolution comes through action

    Progress comes through the vibration of the organization. It's about feeling, thinking and acting by small steps, together, and starting over. We must have the courage or the unconsciousness, to turn our dreams into reality.

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    Collective intelligence makes the organization vibrate

    Collective intelligence is a tool that enable to quickly find concrete and relevant solutions to complex issues. The effect is the strengthening of the connection between people  and vitality of organisation


We allow a collective to transit to the future of work,  to face complexe challenges and to evolve its ways of working,  while building and leading collaborative and innovative processes.

From this active involvement, a vibration will emerge and make organizations alive, joyful, powerful, durable and conscious.

Our Profession

Our evolving profession is serving the emerging future of work 

At the crossroads of different fields, we integrate: Organizational Development, Collective Intelligence, Collaborative Dynamics, Change Management, Open Innovation.

A collective of practitionners

In our collective, we experiment ways of working which fit our mission and our members: from individual freedom to collective interest, entrepreneurship to collaboration, flexibility to sustainability.

For each project, 2 or 3 community members are in charge of designing and conducting a process serving the client challenge. 

The collective of practitioners also meets together to share, exchange, support, confront, innovate, dream and remake the world.


Do you want to join the collective?

We are always looking for peers who share our vision of the world, and to co-build together.contact@menschcollective.com

  • Chloe Grabli
    Chloe Grabli
  • Yohann Elhadad
    Yohann Elhadad
  • Meryem Hammoud
    Meryem Hammoud
  • Alexandre Koroleff
    Alexandre Koroleff
  • Elsa Regan
    Elsa Regan
  • Victoria Willis
    Victoria Willis
  • Sabine Fabbricatore
    Sabine Fabbricatore
  • Benjamin Gratton
    Benjamin Gratton
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    Emmanuel Valls
  • Eric Axel Zimmer
    Eric Axel Zimmer
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    Pierre Goirand
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    Thierry Roussin
  • Frederic Le Guern
    Frederic Le Guern
  • Alexia Mille
    Alexia Mille

Mensch collective is connected to a diverse ecosystem who shares the same commitment: to re-invent the future of work.

Entrepreneurs, researchers, artists, coaches, facilitators, explorers, teachers, managers, employees of SMEs, or large groups


Among them :



If you share this same purpose, we will be delighted to meet you contact@menschcollective.com